Wednesday, 27 April 2016


Grade 3/4 This week is all about heroes and IB learner profiles (those are our heroes). Students are using adjectives and relate them to pictures. Well done all around!

Grade 7 This week is about 2 verbs: sortir and partir. They also are working with prepositions.
Grade 8 Students have started on their research. This project is a documentary/news report on a region where animals are endangered by human encroachment on their habitat. They will be lending their voice to protect those animals. To be continued on Friday.

Grade 5/6 Some groups are still in need of help for translation on their presentation board.

JK/SK The puppets are out again! This time we are in the barnyard. Students are naming them by the sound they make or by what they produce. They also played Simon dit.

Grade 1/2 They also wanted to play with the puppet and they wrote sentences about what their animals can do. Following this, students matched prepositions to find where animals were on a picture and solve a code to self-check their answer. Everyone got a coin or house point for work well done.