Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Somehow, this blog from Monday did not get published and stayed in the draft box. MONDAY, APRIL 11


Grade 3/4 Students started with an oral activity and asked each other: est-ce que tu as...un cahier? for example. Following this they worked on their activity sheet and started learning how to turn sentences in the negative.

Grade 7 It was presentation day Dragon Den's style. We still have 2 more presentations to hear about on Wednesday, but so far, the inventions are very smart and useful.
Grade 8 Students also presented their invitation/radio announcement. Everyone mentioned how much fun it was to research a francophone artist.

Grade 5/6 came in with huge floor blueprints of their house and explained their plan of evacuation in case of fire. I must say they took their role very seriously and they must have had lively conversations at home about it. WELL DONE!!!

Grade 1/2 Today, the students tried to play one of their favourite boardgame: scrabble! They quickly picked up a few French words. We should try this again soon.

JK/SK We are almost at the end of the house/home unit. Today was about the SALON. New words were: lampe, sofa, tapis, table...