Wednesday, 13 April 2016


Grade 3/4 The students worked on changing their sentences from affirmative to negative with a variety of pronouns. They were able to use the verbs être and avoir.

Grade 7 We listened to the last 2 presentations and the students worked independently on their review of the futur proche. They also worked on unscrambling sentences. If these sheets are not completed, it is homework.
Grade 8 started on the unit: Animal canal. They will work on question words which will be useful when they do their broadcast on animal rights.

Grade 5/6 Today was busy with translating parts of their skits and/or action plan for the Exhibition.

Grade 1/2 Today, the students worked hard at identifying adjectives for animals and when to transfer those qualities to humain beings.

JK/SK Today was a review of objects or furniture found in the various rooms of a house. Then, they started on learning prepositions (where things are).