Monday, 18 June 2018


Grade 1/2 Students had Beach Day (Une Journée à la plage), and the blue carpet become the ocean, beach towels were used around on the sand. Time was spent looking for vocabulary in Pictionary, illustrations etc.

Grade 9 French You did it! Congratulations!
              Students who were not writing their Math exam, watched a video called 'C'est pas Sorcier', Le Chocolat.
Gr. 8 French Students who still owed their last project, have until Wednesday morning to submit their questions (15 questions). These will be used for a Kahoot game.

Grade 5/6 Everyone worked on their 'Summer Camp'.

Grade 3/4 Students completed their 'Animal en Danger de Disparition' project.

JK/SK Students watched 2 episodes of 'Passe Partout'. They were great listener.

Thursday, 14 June 2018


Grade 1/2 Following the school BBQ, students are keen to create super hamburger, hotdogs, and sandwiches. Lots of fun and some very strange ingredients.

Grade 9 French had their final exam this morning. FSF1D is done!

Grade 3/4 Students are practicing and writing endangered animal's names. They have begun their research for their animal, and a rough copy of your information should be ready for Monday. The class will present on Wednesday.

JK/SK Today was all about 'La fête des pères'. They coloured a certificate for Dad. And, of course they sang!

Tuesday, 12 June 2018


Grade 1/2 Students learned to match parts of a sentence by listening to a reading of each. Then, they had to search, assemble the parts, and write them in their cahier.

Grade 8 French- Congratulations to Jada for sharing her Kahoot game with the class. Well done!

Grade 9 French- last review before exam (on Thursday). Make sure you review your package, if you were finished, it was marked for accuracy, so you studied the right thing. Please read and review the text and your long answers.

Grade 5/6 While reviewing 'Futur Proche', and applied it to a letter. They wrote about what their life as a summer camper is all about.

Grade 3/4 Students read about endangered animals from around the world. They will choose an animal, do a little bit of research, and communicate with the rest of the class about ways to save these animals.

JK/SK The overall theme is about farm animals and their UOI 'Is it alive). Singing and games are on the menu.

Wednesday, 6 June 2018


Since last Monday was  much about the concert rehearsal/pratice, there was no blog.

Today in a nutshell:
Grade 1/2 These students are taking on the world, and they will surprise you with their performance.

Grade 8 French students tackled a word family task, in pairs or small groups. This is a good way to manipulate the vocabulary.

Grade 9 French- It is review time, and everyone is working on a review package, with a large sampling of what they will have on the exam.

Grade 5/6 today's activity was about learning the difference between the verbs: Faire and Jouer.

Grade 3/4 A little last minute praticing, and refining the play for this evening.
Also, students read a story about the battle of the seasons. They will write an ending of their choice.

JK/SK Students had a few rounds of game as a review for the last term.

Friday, 25 May 2018


Grade 1/2 Please continue practicing your concert song (memorizing). Today, the flag s and posters were completed. Great work, everyone.

Grade 8 French - work was done on interchanging verbs. This also serves as a review for grammar conventions.
Grade 9 French- Students' work was edited, and a few students were able to start their video.
The students who still have to submit their rough copy, please do so Tuesday at the latest.

Grade 5/6 Students have been preparing questions for a Kahoot game. We should be ready to play on Tuesday.

Grade 3/4 The play is ready! Students have had a session on stage, and they really have their roles down path. Homework is to bring props if needed.

JK/SK Thanks you to our talented musician and singer for helping with our songs today. The rest of the period was a few rounds of Simon Dit.

Wednesday, 23 May 2018


Grade 1/2 rehearsals are going well, and the class is eager to finish memorizing their song.

Grade 8 French students worked on changing verbs from infinitive form to present tense, and recognizing endings.
Grade 9 French students who had their work printed had their editing session.
Friday, will be the deadline for the rest of the class to have their work edited, so they can begin working on their video presentation.

Grade 5/6 Good competition with  the verbs ending in RE.
For a little more fun, students are to formulate 5 questions, with 4 options (one being the correct answer). This is homework.

Grade 3/4  Students rehearsed their lines, and for an added degree of difficulty, the key words were changed to make up a different story. Everyone did really well with this.

JK/SK Animals with a story (learner profiles) and barnyard fun in song and a little drawing...everyone learned something today!

Thursday, 17 May 2018


Grade 1/2 Students, I should say Princesses and Princes, had a royal song rehearsal, and a discussion about how they want to present the posters...

Grade 8 French- Bravo Jada and Eve for presenting your board game and have classmates playing. Your questions were diverse and on topic.

Grade 9 French- Good working session on your research for the Performance task. Wednesday, your rough copy of your script (approx. 250 words) typed, double space and printed is due for editing.

Grade 5/6 Students completed the irregular conjugation of verbs ending in RE.
After correcting the homework from Tuesday, they were invited to use the ROYALTY theme to make sentences.

Grade 3/4 Le Jardinage was the theme today! Great dedication everyone with a green thumb.

JK/SK Est-ce que c'est vivant? Today, was a medley of wildlife animal care, theme related songs, and a lot of moving around.