Thursday, 20 September 2018


Grade 9 French Students are now working on their project. Rough copy is due on Monday, for editing. Final presentation is Friday 28th.

Grade 8 French Students read stories about the humble start of several fast food restaurant, and answered questions. If it is not finished, this is homework.

Grade 3-4 Today, it was about the Canadian Fauna.

Grade 6 Students learned to form and use l'Impératif.

Grade 1 The class collaborated to match parts of words to form vocabulary from the classroom.

JK/SK students sangs, acted, and are having fun with the weather.

Grade 2-3 Pioneers! Discussion and illustration about where they come from, where they settled, and what their shelter would have been. It was an eye opener.

Tuesday, 18 September 2018


Grade 9 French Students shared their daily routine using reflexive verbs, took a formative quiz on adjectives, and received their rubric for the summative (rough copy).

Grade 8 French Quiz on Vouloir, devoir...and frequently used verbs. Students are reminded to continue reviewing those verbs.

Grade 3-4 Students learned the name of several physical feature of Canada. They labelled, and identified them by matching them on the map.

Grade 6 Today was all about conjunctions and how to compose compound sentences. They also read to each other.

Grade 1 This class was very active today. They matched classroom object cards around the room: written word to objects.

JK/SK It was all about colours, weather and the change of season. 

Grade 2-3 Classroom objects, writing exercices… more to come.

Friday, 14 September 2018


Grade 9 French- Students discussed their Internet and Social Media usage, and reflected on the safety precautions to take when engaging online. They also looked at TMA's website and the French blog, and offered suggestions to improve them. These activities are done ahead of the making of their own website (la tâche finale) at the end of the unit.
HOMEWORK: read p. 22,23 and answer the questions in your cahier.

Grade 7 French Students took up the homework for correction. It is important to keep pace with the work. Students played a game of Connect 4 with the following verbs: vouloir, pouvoir, devoir, aller, avoir and être.
HOMEWORK: you will have a test on Tuesday on the verbs you were working on this week. Don't forget to study your regular er,ir,re verbs too! This is review from last year.

Grade 3-4 A little geography on a Friday! The class took a tour of the provinces and territories, and matched the plane trip from the character in the unit (Natalie) across Canada.

Grade 6 Students worked on the most frequent verbs: Aller, faire, avoir, être and a few regular er, ir ending verbs.
HOMEWORK: study the conjugation of the above verbs.

Grade 1 Routine in the class is well established: greeting, calendar and weather. Today, we added a colouring/writing activity.

JK/SK The class had fun listening, and stopping me when chanting the months of the year. They also coloured a few school supplies pictures.

Grade 2-3 Today was about matching actions/activities performed at school to the written word. They finished with a word search.

Wednesday, 12 September 2018


Grade 9 French- students read a text about someone's  ideal day. They also retrieved the 'reflexive verbs'. The written task was to write their daily routine for school week, and also for the weekend.

Grade 8 French- Students worked with the 3 main verbs (vouloir, pouvoir, devoir). Please finish the activity sheets, including the multiple pronouns application.

Grade 3-4 the class took up their homework, and worked on sounds, making sentences.

Grade 6- students did a short oral quiz, and began to work on 'Les adjectifs possessifs'.

Grade 1 Today was photo day, and it happened during our French time.

JK/SK This week is about establishing a routine that engages the younger group. The SK class is knowledgeable and helpful.

Grade 2-3 Students worked with personal pronouns, and illustrated them in their notebook.

Monday, 10 September 2018


Grade 9 French Students worked with irregular adjectives, described a classmate, and write/listen to a text filling the blanks. The final task was to write 5 sentences about yourself.
HOMEWORK: if you have not completed your short paragraph (5 sentences), please do so for next class, as well as the crossword puzzle.

Grade 8 French All students were supposed to record their vocabulary. Today's lesson was about 3 important and frequently used verbs: VOULOIR, POUVOIR AND DEVOIR.
HOMEWORK: please complete the activity sheet started in class. Also, write 2 sentences per verb, using various pronouns. Your sentences must be theme related (restaurant and food or meals).

Grade 3-4 Thank you to the students who completed page 1, which was last week's homework.
Today, students worked on different sounds, diphtongs, and read aloud a short fable using different sounds.
HOMEWORK; please complete p. 2 À table!

Grade 6 Students worked on their comprehension of the comic strip, and the vocabulary. They also listened/read to series of expressions, and identified words or expressions that did not belong.
HOMEWORK: complete activity p.8b, and study your vocabulary for Wednesday little quiz.

Grade 1 students are beginning to identify the names of the days of the week in writing as well as illustrating activity performed either during the school days, or during the weekend.

JK/SK Students responded to being greeted with 'Oui, je suis ici'. Lots of fun with the weather cards, and counting 10 little fingers that kept disappearing...

Grade 2-3 The class competed for house points to identify classroom objects. They also had an activity where they had to locate and colour objects.

Thursday, 6 September 2018


Grade 8/9 French Thank you students for returning your Reach Ahead letter. It has to be a record turn around for getting it signed and logged in.
Students brainstormed a variety of pronominal verbs, reviewed the formation of irregular adjectives, and answered a quick survey.
There was some discussion as to the accuracy of the results, but it is great that they paid attention, and noticed the differences of opinion.
HOMEWORK-Please write a short reflection about your findings and feelings toward the descriptions. 2-3 sentences to be shared on Monday.

Grade 7/8 French- Discussion about fast food (casse-croûte). Students read a comic strip about a difficult client, retrieved vocabulary, and answered comprehension questions.
HOMEWORK- record your vocabulary and its meaning in your notebook.

Grade 3-4 Students shared their favorite spot around their homes. They also took turn to read 'Natalie arrive', and vocabulary was reviewed. They also worked on a couple of strategies to use when you have difficulty to understand.
HOMEWORK- Fill in the blanks on page 1. Go as far as you can! You are being challenged!

Grade 6 Students read about, and discussed video games, especially those addressing the possibility of extraterrestrials. Now, they know that they have to complete a comic strip… more on this later.
HOMEWORK- Use Les Mots Clés, record them on sheet for Monday.

Grade 1 Sing! And, sing with signs to recognize the written word. It is wonderful to listen to many students read the weather posters.

JK/SK The routine is slowly getting established. Songs about the days of the week, counting down 10 to 0, and looking for colours.

Grade 1/2 The class is reviewing classroom objects, and how to recognize the written vocabulary.
They are still intrigued about the fact that EVERYTHING is either feminine or masculine.

Tuesday, 4 September 2018


It was fantastic to see all the students, returning or new to The Maples Acaqdemy!

Grade 9 French Students were shown to their new quarters. Yes, they have their own space for French, before joining the grade 7 group for independent work. Students received an overview of the tasks for this year.
YOU WILL NEED: your laptop (charged) to do research etc. Make sure to come to class prepared, and read the blog. Please make sure to subscribe by adding your email to the right side of the blog. Students will need to download the online dictionary 'Le Petit Robert/Collins', and bookmark Bescherelle for verb conjugation.

***PARENTS MUST SIGN THE REACH AHEAD PERMISSION FORM AND RETURN IT ON THURSDAY. This is important since students are working toward obtaining a full credit for high school.
Students created their class agreement, and created the poster for their first unit components, also were made aware of due dates, and Academic Honesty Policy.

Grade 8 French Students took an overview of the accelerated program, created their own class agreement, and learned about the layout of their new textbooks. They also had a discussion about the first unit, and summative outlook.

Grade 3/4 This group jumped right in! They will be working on an accelerated programme.  Their task is to find a place close to home, but not inside the house, that really has meaning for them. They discussed class expectations, and glanced at the first unit.

Grade 6 This group is working at a grade 7 level. They are excited to begin the unit. They should be able to download 'Le Petit Robert/Collins' as a bilingual dictionary to have on hand. Also, begin logging in your French audio/video to share with the class.
The class was excited about the first task: create a comic strip to finish a story.

Grade 1 Students are establishing a routine of greetings, calendar and weather and introducing themselves. They moved around looking for different colours, and a variety of objects around the classroom.

JK/SK The SK students took the lead, and demonstrated good recall on where we left off in June. It is a good model for the JK. Class began with greetings, song 'Bonjour mes amis', weather and counting to 10...well the SK can count way past that. They also met 2 puppets to facilitate speaking, and interacting.

Grade 2/3 Great class! Students introduced themselves using the puppets, received their material, and explained to the new students how important the blog is, how to find the secret code to trade for house points. They completed the session by drawing their favorite event from the summer, and using the learner profile that best describe them.