Thursday, 17 October 2019


Grade 9 French students had a round of verbs, meaning, irregular participe passé etc. They also worked on sentence construction, then applied their understanding to a 10 verb paragraph. The story may be funny or serious, but it must be a well constructed paragraph with correct grammar. Homework, if it is not finished, or well done, (meaning you edited your work more than once), please have this ready for Monday.

Grade 8 French students reviewed the vocabulary (please remember that when you are researching and translating words, you must also memorize the meaning so that you can use the words later).
They also learned about passé composé of regular verbs using avoir as an auxiliary. HOMEWORK: complete the activity sheet you started today.

Grade 5/6 students identified their vocabulary, and matched the sentences. They also began the comprehension questions related to the text from p. 18, 19. It will be finished next week.
Added bonus: they watched a few minutes of the group Stomp playing ordinary objects. They liked the noise (sorry music) a lot.

JK/SK after their daily routine of calendar and weather, they identified where certain articles of clothing had to go which body part. For example; les gants sur les mains.

Grade 1/2 students watched C'est pas Sorcier: les orages. Along the way, they were asked to identify weather vocabulary, and expressions.

Grade 3/4 students continue their exploration of Quebec, and its physical attributes, such as les montagnes, les lacs et rivières, les villes et les campagnes.

Tuesday, 15 October 2019


Grade 9 French-students received feedback on their Kahoot game performance. This task was done to help them review (study hall, end of unit) the main components for the unit. Not enough effort was put in the activity which resulted in 2 games that contained a lot of mistakes. Next time, we can all agree that although it is a game, you show your knowledge through your questions.
Today, students have begun irregular verbs in passé composé, and HOMEWORK  is to finish copying verbs from page 217, 218. Memorize irregular participe passé.

Grade 8 French - UNIT 2, students read 'Le cas de la chanson volée'. Please copy and translate the vocabulary, and answer (match) statements.

Grade 5/6 students began a new unit about NOISE! Homework: write down the vocabulary, translate (from the back of your book), and match the 5 statements on the following page.

JK/SK students are working on the human body parts with songs and games.

Grade 1/2 students decided to take on a weather event, draw and label what cause this pattern.

Grade 3/4 students began a new unit: all about Québec, its regions, and activities/sports.

Wednesday, 9 October 2019


Grade 9 French- students shared and played their Kahoot games (15 questions each x 3). It is a great way to check on the students knowledge. They also allowed the Grade 8 French to play the last game.

Grade 8 French students also had issued their own challenges, and consolidated their knowledge of the unit.

Grade 5/6 A few of the students who had not presented their comic strips summative did so today. Then, they used the unit content in a written activity.

JK/SK It is a wrap! Adieu, vache, cochon, canard, mouton, cheval, poule etc. There was a lot of singing too.

Grade 1/2 students illustrated a story told from the Thanksgiving vocabulary.

Grade 3/4 students took up the homework (comprehension questions), and since most students were at track(cross country), they had to draw Thanksgiving related terminology from memory card.

Monday, 7 October 2019


Grade 9 French- to wrap up the unit, students are creating a Kahoot game for the following categories: irregular adjectives, reflexive verbs, and computer lingo. This is to be presented on Wednesday.

Grade 8 French: students prepared  5 questions each for a variety of grammar components: verbs in the present tense, impératif, multiple pronouns, vouloir-devoir-pouvoir, unit vocabulary...

Grade 5/6 most students presented their 4 slides, and 8 sentences as an original ending to a story. There are still 7 students who were not ready today, and will present on WEDNESDAY (DEADLINE).
Thursday, the class will complete the last activity sheet using all grammar components from the unit.

JK/SK students are singing Alouette with a lot of flair! They are using the turkey as their mascot this year.

Grade  1/2 Thank you Kayla for sharing your travel diary. It was very interesting.
Following the presentation, students brainstormed ideas about Thanksgiving that were recorded. On Thursday, they will listen to a story using the terminology, and expressions, and will be illustrating their understanding.

Grade 2/3  Students read the last story of the unit, retrieved vocabulary, and looked for words similar in French and in English.
HOMEWORK: please finish the comprehension questions.

Thursday, 3 October 2019


THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for all your emails, gifts, and cards. It goes right to my heart!

Grade 9 French- students presented their website, and the object was to introduce themselves to advertise their services.

Grade 8 French- students presented their 'casse-croûte concept' to a pannel of Dragons (Den). The quality of work was fantastic and original.

Grade 5/6 today was editing day for 8 sentences that will be used on a comic strip: où est Kim?
MONDAY: please have your 4 slides coloured, and your sentences, 2 per pictures, ready for presentation.

JK/SK Last farm creature is LE DINDON.  Students are singing Alouette, but with a twist.

Grade 1/2 students prepared 'Ma fiche personnelle', and presented to the class.

Grade 3/4 recipes were presented today.

Tuesday, 1 October 2019


Grade 9 French- Projects have been edited, and everyone should be ready for Thursday's presentations.

Grade 8 French- I am waiting on a couple of students for editing their project. Presentations are on Thursday.

Grade 5/6 After reviewing homework, students received directions for La Tâche Finale. Here is a summary of what you need (as discussed in class):
4 pictures for the comic trip (all on the same page).
2 sentences per pictures (2x4=8).
use the 4 verbs that you learned in this unit: avoir, être, aller, faire.
TITLE: Où est Kim?
have fun! It can be drawn or use the computer, but it must be neat.

JK/SK students called out the puppets they wanted, and wrote the name of 4 farm animals (especially the SK).

Grade 1/2 students are learning to tell their likes and dislike, such as sports, food etc. Thursday, they will prepare a presentation about themselves.

Grade 3/4 students had their recipe edited, worked on the good draft for Thursday. Make sure to rehearse a few times at home, or with a classmate, for good pronunciation.

Friday, 27 September 2019

Oh my, how time flies! September is almost over, and my next class is in October, and this means project time for grade 3 and up.

Grade 9 French- students reviewed their questions, and edited where needed. They reviewed the rubric, and your first due date for this summative is your rough draft with all the text (3 questions, 3 adjectives, 2 reflexive verbs, title, and website layout along with your short blurb about yourself. Remember to double space the text, to allow for corrections.
THIS IS DUE TUESDAY OCTOBER 1, if you print, print ahead of Tuesday's class. Presentation of your finished website is Thursday, Oct. 3.

Grade 8 French-students received their rubric, and checklist, and it was all discussed. Do not write an English version, then try to translate... You have the model from which to base your presentation. Remember to double space to allow for editing.
THIS IS DUE TUESDAY OCTOBER 1, if you print, print ahead of Tuesday's class. Presentation of your finished work is Thursday, Oct. 3.

Grade 5/6 students worked with the frequently used verbs 'avoir, être, aller faire'. They applied them in different sentences, and had to make choices according to the meaning of the sentences.

JK/SK students are still working with farm animals, and today they had to decide if they would have them in the fields (le champs) or in the barn (l'étable)...

Grade 1/2 students completed the colour booklet (unit).

Grade 3/4  Everyone is keen to get started on the recipe sharing. 2 more activities, and they are ready. 
Homework: using the actions learned in class, write a rough draft of your chosen recipe. On Tuesday, it will be edited, and Thursday is presentation day.