Wednesday, 14 November 2018


Grade 9 French students reviewed their homework, and peer/teacher assessed their work. They also got a preview of the next unit 'Les Monstres dans la Littérature et les Films'. They watched a short video about the making of Godzilla to stir things up. They chose an area of exploration according to their ancestry, and will pick a monster to talk about.
HOMEWORK: read p.60,61,62 and answer all 10 questions on a separate sheet. DUE FRIDAY.

Grade 8 French students read their paragraph/ sentences, and used a selection of verbs to be put in passé composé (you were given a sample to work with from Monday's class).
There are 2 students who still need to turn in their unit 2 summatives, and please remember that homework is generally due the following class.

Grade 4-5 Students read an interview about careers, and the attributes required to fulfill a dream job.

Grade 6- Today was the beginning of unit 3: good or/and bad microbes and virus. They will be mixing general knowledge, sciences and French all together.

Grade 1- Today, they continued with the shopping for clothes at stores. Students were quite competitive to tell what was being purchased. They also listened to a story of a dragon who was being bullied at games. They were using basic feeling terminology.

JK/SK To tag along with U.O.I. Les saisons and feelings, students mimed four basic feelings: pensif, triste, content and fâché, matching them to their favourite season.

Grade 2-3 Today was about reading and re-writing a day in a clown's life. These activities were enjoyed by everyone, and it included reviewing the parts of the day.

Monday, 12 November 2018


Grade 9 French- students listened to a series of conversations (audio), and practiced extracting information from multiple answers, or pictures to demonstrate their understanding.
HOMEWORK is to have your weekend information to complete the oral activity on Wednesday. Make sure to use passé composé! This is not a 'read my sheet' kind of activity, but an opportunity to express yourself.

Grade 8 French- students read a story with several blanks, and had to chose the appropriate verb from a pre-determined list.
HOMEWORK pick 5 verbs from the list, and write a paragraph.

Grade 4-5 students were invited to make sentences with the verb avoir (conjugated) with different subjects and endings.
Next unit is about careers.

Grade 6 Students read a text about the group STOMP, and answered questions about the text.

Grade 1 Students acted out buying winter clothes in a store. Everyone played a role, asking for a hat or boots...asked for a specific colour, a different size, and how much it cost.

JK/SK They played' Simon dit' game, and the JKs are counting to 10-12 reliably for the most part, and SKs up to 30-31 also.

Grade 2-3 Students have begun to learn about emotions, represent them with emoji, and role play different emotions.

Wednesday, 7 November 2018


Grade 9 French The first period, students viewed an episode about forensic investigation (in French). They also acted as a coaching panel for the Grade 8 French presentations.

Grade 8 French Presentations were done, feedback given by the grade 9 French.

Grade 4-5 AU CHAMPS D'HONNEUR… students did some research about where to find Flanders'Field, and how to wear the poppy. They recited the poem in French.

Grade 6 Great day in grade 6! Everyone presented their sound track and CD promotion. Well done!

Grade 1 When you hear AU CHAMPS D'HONNEUR, you also know what you are hearing: In Flanders Field. One student in particular recognized the tone of the poem, and immediately made the connection.

JK/SK students coloured poppies for the 'Jour du Souvenir'.

Grade 2-3 Students listened to the poem AU CHAMPS D'HONNEUR, extracted vocabulary, and made an original cross word in their cahier.

Monday, 5 November 2018


Grade 9 French Students did their 'Cris et Frissons' presentations of a well known board game 'Clue'. They also worked on sentences to demonstrate their knowledge of passé composé.

Grade 8 French Rough copies were handed in for editing and conversation. PRESENTATIONS ARE ON WEDNESDAY, NOV. 7

Grade 4-5 Today, students presented their mystery teacher along with a description. Well Done!

Grade 6 Students handed in their rough copy, practiced their oral presentation for WEDNESDAY.

Grade 1 Students observed a picture of 'coquelicot, casque, croix, petite clôture'' objects for Remembrance Day: Le Jour du Souvenir'. They also were surprised to hear that souvenir is a French word they were already using.

JK/SK After the routine work, students learned about animals that participated or contributed to the war effort. Wednesday, they will have colouring activities to honour them.

Grade 2-3 Today was the start of unit 2: les émissions de télévision. They learned about asking questions about their favourite T.V. show.

Thursday, 1 November 2018


Grade 9 French Thank you for turning in your rough copies. There were a few edits needed, verbs in particular. Now, type your good copy, double space, have your name and the date as well. To present you will need: the invitation (make it look inviting), a police report, and a drawing/picture of the room where the murder happened (think the game of Clue style). You will present on Monday, so read it a few times aloud to make sure you are familiar with your text.

Grade 7 & 8 watched Tintin, tract down vocabulary from both the unit, and the movie, and made sentences in passé composé. I think Zeta house won!

Grade 4-5 students went around the school to observe a teacher or school staff, and describe them using the unit terminology. Monday, is presentation day, and students must have a drawing of the teacher of their choice along with the description.

Grade 6- Students had the period to work on their promotion of a CD. They will record a short sound track (10-20 seconds). They only have to adapt a script that they already had, worked on and read during class, and change a few names to fit their sound track. WHAT IS IMPORTANT IN THIS TÂCHE FINALE IS THE ORAL PART. So, read it a few times, Monday you will have a chance to do 1 mock presentation before Wednesday.

Grade 1 The class watched an episode of C'est pas Sorcier' Les Dinosaures en France'. EVERYONE  GOT STICKERS TO PUT ON THEIR CHART.

JK/SK After the routine work of greetings and weather, students heard the story of 'Ma vie d'araignée'.  

Grade 2-3 Students read a short story, answered questions, and read with much intonation.

Tuesday, 30 October 2018


Grade 9 French Today, students had their work edited (what they had done). They used the period to work on their rough copy due Thursday, and had time to add to the content of their story. Presentations are on Monday, Nov. 5

Grade 8 French There was time to edit the rough (or partial rough copy) for most students. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT USING GOOGLE TRANSLATE WILL BE HEAVILY PENALIZED. Summative tasks are meant to demonstrate what you have learned during the unit: language conventions and terminology.
During Thursday's period, I will look at the work that was not ready to be shown today, while students watch a movie 'Tintin, le détective'. Presentations will be on Wednesday November 7, no exceptions.

Grade 4-5 Students had fun drawing caricatures, while listening to fun descriptions. Please finish p.18, if not done during class.

Grade 6 VOULOIR, C'EST POUVOIR! Students did really well working these 2 verbs. For Thursday, make sure to have what you want as a sound clip for your project. You need 10 to 20 seconds sound clip.

Grade 1 The Halloween puppets made an appearance. There was a lot of singing and story telling.

JK/SK Students had fun using the puppets to follow along a story, and perform actions in small groups.

Grade 2-3 The activity was to fill in blanks with appropriate verbs, or expressions. Then, students paid close attention to the punctuation while reading short dialogue. They worked on intonation!

Friday, 26 October 2018


Grade 9 French Students self corrected their formative task, and discussed their success criteria and benchmarks to show their growth. Also, they were given instructions to begin working on their final task. It was rewarding to see how they are able to take ownership of the summative's content.
For Tuesday's class, they will have their outline for their rough copy, and take that period to work on their rough copy DUE THURSDAY.

Grade 8 French students had a quick warm up with 2 verbs: Sortir and Partir. Following this activity, students worked with the formation of adverbs. They also have received their directives for the summative task.

Grade 4-5 Students learned how to make short sentences for description of physical features in preparation for next week's tâche finale.

Grade 6 Students took up the negative form of verbs such as VOULOIR AND POUVOIR. This was followed by a lively round of vocabulary search.

Grade 1 Today was a day to finish up the week's task, and pretend that they were in a store bying clothes.

JK/SK Puppets are very popular at this time of the year: FANTÔME, SORCIÈRE ET CITROUILLE came to play.

Grade 2-3 The school had a special assembly and a very popular guest to celebrate Terry Fox pledges. It was fantastic.