Tuesday, 5 April 2016


Grade 3/4 The students made sentences by matching cards they already had printed. Each team wrote on the board and sentences were collectively corrected.

Grade 7 Students were working on their projects. These are due on Monday, April 11.

Grade 8 Everyone is working hard at changing verb tenses in sentences and using pronouns POD & POI.
Their project is on researching a current francophone artist of their choice and invite them by way of a letter OR produce a radio announcement to promote the artist. POD & POI must be used 2X and beware of your verb tenses!  Good luck!

Grade 5/6 worked on their Exhibition. Projects will be presented on Monday 11, after that, it will be EXHIBITION IN FRENCH.

Grade 1/2 Students are working on animals and prepositions. So, where are they??? le lapin est sur la table...

JK/SK Today we toured the kitchen and identified la table, la chaise, le frigo and le poêle.