Friday, 1 April 2016


Grade 3/4 The students worked on their last activity sheet from the career unit. They also did some revision to get them ready for the new unit starting on Monday.

Grade 1/2 hosted the JK/SK class and they had several memory game on vocabulary, numbers...Also, they sang together a vast repertoire of songs old and new.

Grade 7 They students took up their homework and also received their rubric for the project, most of which will be done in class next week. Projects due on Monday, 11th.

Grade 8 had one practice run with their board game then, they had the grade 7 play. Their game was very interesting, all questions related to Canada. There was variety and kept everyone busy.

The grade 5/6 did not have French today so they could work on their exhibition. As soon as they have set up their subjects and introduction and decided which part they want in French, we will be working on that too.
In the meantime, the students will be working on their plan of evacuation in case of a fire at their house.

I spent some time with the grade 1/2 this morning doing their Friday dictation. They were working so hard, Mrs Ruby will be proud.