Sunday, 1 May 2016


Grade 3/4 Today, students played the game: what if? They decided that our region had become an island and they labelled what their Orangeville Island would contain. A lot came out of this session and it involved quite a bit of memory to retrieve the vocabulary listed.

JK/SK The students decided to be on a school bus and go to different places
and use expressions such as: monte dans l'autobus, descends de l'autobus. Qui est à côté de moi?...They also used the puppets to memorize the names of domestic animals.

Grade 5/6 Today, each group presented the French component from the Exhibition. Here are a few reminders to help achieve your best: rehearse your lines at home and even record yourself and replay to hear what you sound like. It is a fact that we never really don't know how we sound till we hear a recording of our voice. Also, even when you read your text, give it your best expression. It does demonstrate that you truly understand what you are saying, and it adds interest for the listener.

Grade 1/2 At their request, the puppets came out again! Students are working with expressions of location. They also completed an activity sheet with animals hiding in different places. When they correctly located them, they also uncovered the secret code and message.

Grade 7 Portion of the session today was to work on the verbs Partir and Sortir. The rest of the time was dedicated to project research. Due date is Thursday!  
Grade 8 Students used this period to work on their projects. Due date is Thursday!