Wednesday, 20 April 2016


Grade 3/4 The students exchanged/brainstormed vocabulary related to La Journée de la Terre. They also listened too the song Touche pas à ma terre. They listened to it a few times then, applied the vocabulary they heard to activities related to Earth Day.

Grade 7 They started a unit on underground caves. There is a lot of specific vocabulary on the subject. Homework: study les mots utiles.

Grade 8 The students worked independently, reviewed their homework together and brainstormed useful vocabulary for their up and coming performance task.

Grade 5/6 still working on exhibition and possible skits and posters. There is still a fair amount of work to do for translation.

Grade 1/2 Students listened to a French song on Earth day, pollution etc...They also had time to collaborate and start on their posters.

JK/SK Students love to sing!!! There was a short song on pollution and they were quick to catch some of the words. They also acted out the water cycle with words such as: évaporation, condensation, précipitation et filtration.