Tuesday, 28 February 2017


Grade 3/4 Today was the start of a new unit. Students made comparisons between human and animal footprints.

Grade 7 Students worked on writing a postcard, following a model. They will be able to use some of the information in their brochure/flyer. If you have your rough copy done for Thursday, it will be edited then, and you will have the period to work on it. Presentations are on Monday, NO EXCEPTIONS!

Grade 8- Today, the students worked on their first journal entry. Please have entries 2 and 3 for Thursday for editing (final). Presentations are Monday.

Grade 5/6 Students worked on their 'plan d'évacuation'. Rough copy due Thursday, presentations are on Monday.

Grade 1/2 Today, we read a story from R. Munsch. Then students took one sentence, put them in sequence...hum they were sleepy...pancakes do this...
Eventually, everyone was able to say their sentence.

JK/SK It was all about the alphabet in French. Students had fun finding words starting with each letter. Great activity and fun for everyone.