Wednesday, 22 February 2017


Grade 1/2  Students took to questions and answers as a group, then they tried to answer the same questions by changing some endings. They worked very hard in pairs and used the vocabulary they have accumulated so far this year.

Grade 7 Students worked on irregular adjectives. Please study those for Thursday. You will have a quiz.
Grade 8- Students picked their famous person, date and place for their up and coming time travel project. More to come on this soon.
Both classes watched their classmate Ben being introduced for the page program at Queen's Park Legislation session. They also heard French spoken in the House. This is how you apply your skills in real life.

Grade 5/6 Students formed groups to research household items for 3 different rooms in a house. The grade 6 are doing Alder Recreational Centre, and all this is for the unit on Evacuation Plan 911. More to come on this topic.

Grade 3/4 Les pionniers! Thank you Alex, for being our note taker today. A scenario was given to Seth and Sophie. Both were pioneers arriving in Canada, Seth arriving in the Fall, and Sophie arriving in the Spring. Both were given a few items, then the class brainstormed about what needed to be done for survival.
Great participation from everyone!

JK/SK Today was about opposites of all kinds. Blanc et noir, cours et marche...The students were quite active and were able to respond to quite a few expressions by end of class.