Friday, 24 February 2017


Grade 1/2 Today, students began to write short sentences to describe how people may feel: malade, triste, formidable, sympa...They also listened to short dialogues and matched them to pictures.

Grade 7/8 Both groups reviewed their respective rubrics for the next project. They also did an activity on adjectifs démonstratifs: ce, cet, cette, ces.
Gr.7 homework: read the 2 post cards and write your own. Due Tuesday, Feb. 28.
Gr. 8 homework: have your research and outline done for Tuesday, so you can use to work on your first draft.

Grade 5/6 This period was used to read about La brigade de pompiers, and explore safety features to avoid house fire.

Grade 3/4 It was a bit short today because of skating (we had fun). Students brainstormed about what could the aboriginals (autochtones) have taught the pioneers and explorers when they first arrived in Canada.