Thursday, 2 February 2017

NEWS FROM THE FRENCH CORNER Tuesday, Jan. 31, 2017

Grade 1/2 They are continuing working with assigning objects to their classmates, such as winter clothes and objects found in the kitchen.

Grade 7 Students have been proofreading their projects, making sure they have unit vocabulary and expressions, as well as passé composé.
Grade 8 Students are working on their K-W-L chart, researching GMO and preparing to answer questions related to the topic.

Grade 5/6 Today was the last day for the French component on the Government. The last topic was their version of the Canadian flag one hundred years from now, and the protocol related to handling a flag.

Grade 3/4 Students are applying adjectives to everyday heroes. They worked in pairs to illustrate the meaning of: calme, rapide, brave, attentif etc.

JK/SK These students are really attentive about the universe. Today, they learned about the sun's actions and French. They talked about the seasons and sang to me about what I should wear if I am cold. Well done!!!