Friday, 28 October 2016


Grade 1/2 Halloween was in the air (I know, a bit early, but we only 3 days). Students really know the characters and today they formed groups, and drew pictures on slates from vocabulary they recognized in random stories. House points were earned all around.

Grade 7- Students are in the final steps towards 'la tâche finale'. They will be working on creating a sound track for the promotion of a CD. All the information and requirements are on page 29 of their textbooks. Students also received an example of a promotion. Several great ideas were submitted. If you are working with a partner, please make sure you are in contact with each other, collaborate (which means that you listen, share, propose ideas and come to an agreement).

Grade 8-FSF1D Please make sure you complete and review the sheet on questions in the passé composé AND COMPLETE YOUR CROSS WORD. (please see the previous blog).

Grade 5/6 Students took up their homework, which was well done. They read a short text about a flee, yes a flee, extracted words similar to English, and answered comprehension questions. Following this work, they started to make sentences with pre-arranged groupings or sections of phrases. PLEASE COMPLETE THESE FOR TUESDAY.

Grade 3/4 We had a bit of Halloween fun with the 3 houses competing with a song about l'araignée et sa toile. Students also worked on their story about days and characters during Halloween.

JK/SK It was last call for the puppets! Everyone knows them by name, are able to recognize body parts, such as les yeux, les oreilles, le nez, la bouche... They also had a colouring activity.