Wednesday, 12 October 2016


Grade 1/2 Students are continuing on their journey of transitioning from oral to writing (and reading) in French. There is a lot of modelling on the board, and the more you give them, the more they want to know.

Grade 7/8 The lesson today is about 3 major verbs: VOULOIR, POUVOIR AND DEVOIR. It is a valuable refresher for grade 8, and a large chunk of knowledge to acquire for the grade 7. We will see this re-appear on the 'menu' from time to time. IT IS THAT IMPORTANT!

Grade 5/6 Students started a new unit today on LES FOURMIS. Ants will be crawling all over...just kidding! The unit is about finding links between human and animals that live in a society. We use adjectives and continue on our verb acquisition.

Grade 3/4 Students are working on forming adjectives and using the verb être to state how things are. Today, they prepared 5 questions and answers that will be useful when we are making the animal puppets.

JK/SK Everyone was keen to talk about calendar (thank you Elizabeth for an excellent job today), and colours, thanks to Arya for sharing your book.