Tuesday, 18 October 2016


Grade 1/2 Students were really good at creating a short skit about greeting and then they located the correct phrases and copied them. They were quick to catch on the vocabulary and apply it to the correct pictures.

Grade 7 Students worked on verbs: vouloir, pouvoir, devoir. They learned that the following verbs had to be at l'infinitif. They also read about sounds in nature, at home, in the streets...This will be useful terminology for the promotion of their CD.

Grade 8 They began with reading a selection on a group of cyber-members talking about their frustration with a mini-series. Students are retrieving vocabulary for this unit.

Grade 5/6 Students worked with the unit verbs ending in ER. They now know all their endings and are encouraged to complete their sentences as homework. They are using vocabulary such as: chercher, aider, transporter, ranger, etc.

Grade 3/4 Today, students completed the last 2 questions for the puppet presentations next week. They also matched vocabulary to form rhymes. There was a bit of time for students to start memorizing the questions and answers.
Great work all around!

JK/SK Students were very excited today and were taking turns  telling the weather and repeating 'by themselves' everything they could think. They also had fun finding animals living in and around the pond. Dans un étang, il y a une grenouille, des canards, des poissons, des tortues, and so on. QU'EST-CE QUI SAUTE? un cheval, un chevreuil, un chat et un chien, un lapin...
They finished the day with colouring a big ball with designated colours. For the most part, they can demonstrate and pick colours on request.