Thursday, 20 October 2016


Grade 1/2 After the routine  date and weather, students practiced writing the days of the week and in the spirit of Halloween, they assigned a  character for each day. You could find vocabulary such as: le squelette, le fantôme, la citrouille, le chat noir, la chauve-souris, l'araignée et la sorcière. Students also completed the activities that were left from Tuesday.

Grade 7 Students worked with conjonctions. The word itself seemed a bit of a mystery but after they took the word apart and quite a few analogies, they were able to complete the exercise. Students are encouraged to really analyze words in and out of context. They are often making good connections between French and English.

Grade 8 Students have completed the preliminary activities and acquired a good vocabulary bank. We are talking about 'rapport de police, témoins, suspect, coupable' etc.

Grade 5/6 Students are incorporating the verb ' ÊTRE' and the correct agreement of adjectives. Well done! It was not easy work.

Grade 3/4 Great class today! Students engaged in short pre-rehearsed dialogue and were able to read aloud a short text and answer questions. A lot was accomplished! Bravo!

JK/SK We are getting ready for Halloween week!  Students are beginning to use Halloween vocabulary and we used it to make a magic potion!