Thursday, 6 October 2016


Grade 1/2 Students wrote about: l'Action de Grâces. After brainstorming what they are thankful for, they made a list such as: Je dis merci pour ma famille, mon  petit frère, mon école...This teacher is thankful for her students.

Grade 7/8 It was presentation day and everyone did a good job. The grade 8 acted as panel and offered some pertinent comments and helpful hints for future projects.

Grade 5/6 Students worked in 2 groups on a connect 4 verb game. This is a great way to learn to conjugate a few er ending verbs an make familiar sentences.

Grade 3/4 Today included singing, riddles about animals and matching syllables to make words. Well done!

JK/SK Routine, counting, weather  and 'je dis merci pour...' I am thankful for...and they sang about a turkey and la tête, le bec, les ailes, la queue et les pattes. HAPPY THANKSGIVINNG!!!