Monday, 2 May 2016


This morning was our first of the month assembly. So, French started after 10am and grade 3/4 skipped it.
Grade 7/8 have been working on their project and they are due on Wednesday, May 4.
Today, was reserved for text editing for the students who were at that stage.

Grade 5/6  Students are in the final editing phase of their Exhibit.

Grade 1/2 Le cycle de l'eau. Students worked with water cycle vocabulary and what you can do with water. For example, je bois de l'eau, je prends un bain, je nage et je fais la  lessive.

JK/SK Students drove a pretend bus to the farm. They reviewed the names of barnyard animals and today they added where each animal sleeps: l'écurie, l'étable, le poulailler, le champs, la ferme, la maison.