Saturday, 14 May 2016


Grade 3/4 What a great session today, complete with singing (we are making progress. More on Monday. They are also starting on reading booklets on planets, phases of the moon etc...

Grade 7 Students took up two texts and  their vocabulary. We discussed the answers and how to find them in the text. One of these will be in the final exam.
Suggestion: Better go over these two so there is no surprise.

Grade 8   Students went over the elements for a phone message. They explored different styles to see what would work best for their respective activist's action plan.

Grade 5/6 What can I say other than BRAVO! Exhibition was a full out success.

Grade 1/2 have had double practice today with the Spring concert song. They are also testing their knowledge on food using their textbook.
JK/SK were in a dancing mood, which is great since they will need to sway to the music when they sing during the Spring Concert. We also got visitors from the grade 3/4 who, when hearing their song while walking down the hallway, danced their way into the classroom to sing with us.