Tuesday, 10 May 2016


Grade 3/4 The students have decided to split into 2 groups: one for the chorus (refrain) and another for the verses. It was a bit better today and the students know their roles for the Spring concert. They also started to read booklets on planets and the moon.

Grade 7 are working on read and comprehension and it is to be completed for Friday if it is not finished in class.
Grade 8 The lesson, today, was about les pronoms disjoints (moi, toi, lui...) and les pronoms relatifs (qui, que). There is also activity sheets to be completed for Friday.

Grade 5/6 Students who are reading during their PYP presentation were practicing and received a few tips to add interest for their audience. Other groups were working on editing their Action Plan and Lines of Inquiry paper.

JK/SK Spring concert and life in the pond. It is Spring alright.

Grade 1/2  Students took turn to present their food craft from yesterday. They used the vocabulary presented and began using their textbook for reference.