Wednesday, 25 October 2017


Grade 1/2 In the spirit of Casual Day and Halloween, students have begun the clothing unit. They are continuing with adjectives for better description.

Grade  8 French -students are continuing with the concept passé composé for regular verbs, using the auxiliary 'avoir'. For all students, it is important that you review (and study if you are not up to speed with verbs) verbs in the présent tense, and especially avoir, être, faire, aller, pouvoir, devoir and  vouloir.

Grade 9 French- Students worked on irregular verbs and additional terminology related to investigation. There will be a short quiz on Friday to self-check your abilities.

Grade 5/6 Students completed an activity where they had to identify the correct piece of clothing, and use the colour adjectives to determine if it was feminine/masculine or singular/plural.

Grade 3/4 The class is still virtually visiting places in Quebec, and today they wrote a short letter describing where they were from.

JK/SK The fun continues with the Halloween puppets: fantômes, citrouilles and sorcières, as well as actions such as voler, flotter, rouler. An activity sheet has been sent home.