Monday, 23 October 2017


Grade 1/2 After a short review, and supplementing with a few new words,  students worked in collaboration on a word search activity.

Grade 8 French- Students are working on le passé composé. They also have to apply the verbs in context to sentences from the unit.
Homework: please complete today's work for our next class.

Grade 9 French- Students are working with their group to accumulate vocabulary. Make sure you not only get the answers right, but look at the definitions. It will come handy for the up and coming QUIZ.
Also, continue working with passé composé for irregular verbs.

Grade 5/6 New Unit has begun! Students are going to the fair. They are learning to describe personal features with adjectives, and indicate what someone is wearing.

Grade 3/4 Today was about the negative, and how to use 'ne and ,'pas'. Great work all around! Students are also re-visiting the partitive.
Homework: finish today's work, both pages.

JK/SK Today, students started with Halloween vocabulary and the puppets for actions. They really like those puppets.