Monday, 25 September 2017


Grade 1/2 the students performed their last written task with identifying the colours. It went very well. Everyone was able to hear the word, locate the word, and finally write it (copy it) on the activity sheet.

Grade 8 French- Students worked on the model and vocabulary necessary to start their final task. They also received their self-check sheet to make sure they include all the elements.
Homework: come prepared with a rough draft of your slogan, and the name of your restaurant.

Grade 9 French- Students worked on their 5 sentences mini-bio, and worked on their 3 questions to help attract viewers to their website.
Homework: please come prepared with your work, rough draft completed, to be edited on Wednesday.

Grade 5/6 Great effort on everyone's part during the presentation of a film. Following this, the class created a grid for their 'adjectifs possessifs'.

Grade 3/4 Great reading is happening in this class! There were 2 activities to use the actions performed during a recipe.
Start thinking about what your famous family recipe is!

JK/SK Bravo students ! The routine is well established. They counted...