Thursday, 21 September 2017


Grade 1/2 After a warm up of locate and match items around the classroom, students played colour and number bingo. They really liked it!

Grade 7 The unit poster had to be re-done (they were lost), and during that period students worked on reviewing the imperative verb tense, as well as identifying when to use the vous de politesse concept...
HOMEWORK: using the grammar section with the verbs in your texbook. Make sure to know the most commonly used verbs: ALLER, FAIRE, AVOIIR ÊTRE, VOULOIR, POUVOIR, DEVOIR, SORTIR, PRENDRE, VENIR.
Note: to be effective, pick 2 verbs at a time and memorize them in the present tense.

Grade 8 Students shared their findings about what makes a website a great website. They took a look at The Maples' site, and came up with a final and comprehensive list they could agree upon. Well Done!
HOMEWORK: come prepared on Monday with your idea of a part-time job (age appropriate) and suitable to your strengths.

Grade 5/6 Thank  you to the one student who completed their movie poster and title. Today, students worked on writing their comments about their film.
HOMEWORK; practice once or twice till Monday, reading your critique. You will be presenting during class.

Grade 3/4 Students do know their ingredients for making a pizza! Today, the lesson was about learning to include the partitive (du, de la, des, de l').

JK/ Students had a chance to work apart from the SK. They enjoyed acting up being a tree waving in the wind, and letting the leaves come down. They also coloured 'Automne' their first French work to go into their IB binders.

SK Students incorporated the following elements in their work: identify and colour weather patterns, cut and glue in the correct square with the words for the correspondent statement. This will be included in their IB binders.