Friday, 29 September 2017


Grade 1/2 Friday sometimes means a lively 'round the world game'. The students really enjoyed being challenged with all the vocabulary they recently learned.

Grade 8 French -Students were asked to peer edit their work for presentation next week. Please use page 14 handout for modelling your 15 sentences.
Check that you have: restaurant name and slogan, a short menu including un repas économique (combo), check page 15 to see if you have all the grammar components.
Grade 9 French-Students had their text edited today. It is now a matter of assembling graphics and text to present your website.

Grade 5/6 Students accomplished a lot today reviewing the vocabulary with riddles, cross words and unscrambling activities.
Homework: for Monday, bring your idea of what you would really like to show a visitor. Think of all the wonderful things around where you live (big or small). The class will work on this Tuesday and Thursday.

Grade 3/4 Students watched several short videos about cooking and baking for kids. WOW! They noticed that the chef was speaking really fast...but they understood almost everything, and recognized the vocabulary from the unit.
For Tuesday next week, bring your idea for a recipe, and please do not feel obliged to bring food in, but the children are somewhat keen...

JK/SK The class was a bit shorter today due to our September Birthday Circle.
The class was divided in their houses, and a lot of points were awarded for every correct answers received from what they learned this past month.