Thursday, 17 November 2016


Grade 1/2 Students explored the actions they can take when going to 'le supermarché'. Expressions such as: je prends un chariot, j'achète un/une/des..., je passe à la caisse, je paie etc. They are also rehearsing the concert song and a sheet is going home for practice.

Grade 7 The activity was all about adjectives, their functions, agreement and place in relation to the noun. Homework is to complete the exercise on p35 a, b.

Grade 8 Presentation was today. The group gave their invitation, idenfication card and police report, as well as a short video to re-enact their scene.

Grade 3/4 Students worked on an activity where they had to match pronouns with the correct form of 'avoir'. They used 3 sentences to illustrate in their notebook. There was enough time to rehearse the concert song. A copy of that song went home for everyone to practice.

JK/SK To continue the fruit and vegetable unit, students watched a video from the series Passe-Partout.