Friday, 25 November 2016


Grade 1/2 The period was divided into: practicing the concert song; talk about the arrid lands, particularly The Gobi Desert. Thank you Kate for bringing information. Students used the class globe to locate mountain ridges by feeling around the surface.

Grade 7 Students worked on correcting the adjective homework. This was followed with a review of the verb devoir and some practice.

Grade 8 A list of terms used to describe monsters in film or literature was shared and all the questions and discussion on the story were answered.

Grade 3/4 Big rehearsal for the concert and we think it is going very well! We had just a bit of time left for talking about La forêt vierge for International Mindedness.

JK/SK Several students were absent today but we manage to practice the song for the concert. Students who have older sibblings can practice at home.