Thursday, 3 November 2016


Grade 1/2 They have begun the unit on town and buildings. Everyone was quick to recognize the different elements in the community. Vocabulary involved was: la banque, l'école, la maison, le super-marché, le cinéma et le restaurant. Students were quite aware of the fact that I had no hospital nor a park in my town. Perhaps we have future urban planners in this classroom.

Grade 7 All rough copies have been edited, and students were given their rubric, a sample of a promotion to work with and the information on p29 of their textbook. They are busy recording their sound track for Wednesday, Nov. 9th presentations.

Grade 8 Students went over their 3 rubrics as well as a detailed information sheet for their project. Thank you Alex for organizing the google docs. so everyone can work on their part. I will be following your progress on line. If you have any questions, please email me. Presentations are planned for Thursday, November 17th. Rough copies are due (first draft, Wed., Nov. 9).

Grade 5/6 Each student had a chance to have their rough copy edited and most are ready to start on their illustrations for the booklet.. Presentations are on Wednesday, Nov. 9.

Grade 3/4 Students wrote a short script following a sample from the readings. They were very keen to read aloud what they wrote, and this was an opportunity to learn the correct spelling of Ontario, Toronto, Orangeville...and several other locations.

JK/SK We continued with the family theme, asking the name of family members. For example, 'comment s'appelle ta maman?...' The rest of the period was a game of Simon dit!