Wednesday, 14 September 2016


Here is today's menu!
Grade 1/2 In order to do our classroom objects review, students split into 2 teams and played a lively game of tic tac toe. Well done Charlotte and Grace for being team captains.

Grade 7  Good reading of the comic strip. It was great to hear your good diction throughout. Please, everyone, do your homework as it is a good way of knowing what you understand and what you don't. If today's work was not all completed with the verbs aller, faire, avoir and être from the textbook, this is your homework.

Grade 8 Please read Une journée à mon goût for Friday. Observe the reflexive verbs, and see if you can spot them. Good job on your sentences today and make sure you research the gender of the nouns...just don't leave it as a guess.

Grade 5/6 Today was the introduction of ER ending verbs and the use of the negative. Students took turns telling what they did not like on their pizza and they would not order. Also, they read 2 selections from the textbook and took jot notes in their cahier of action words to be used later.

Grade 3/4  Today was all about Math. They wrote numbers 0-12 and brainstormed about where they would see or use numbers in their written form.

JK/SK The routine is starting to get established and today Kole did the calendar with Aiden's help. They are chanting the days of the week, months of the year and counting. It was a busy class!