Thursday, 22 September 2016


Grade 1/2 Students held banners with the names of days of the week. They had to mix and match the cards, but sing them in order. Lots of fun! After this round of singing, they had a marathon on colour questions (mostly related to autumn).
They finished the class with a Fall colouring activity.

Grade 7 & 8 There was an activity (quiz) on adjectives. For the grade 7, it was more for assessment purposes and get a baseline on their general knowledge. Thank you Cole and Ben for mentoring the new students.
Grade 8 Students reviewed adjectives that would be more suitable to describe each other, and these should be used in their summative task (la tâche finale).
Homework: be ready to present yourself, without reading from your notes too much. Also, read p 22-23 for Tuesday.

Grade 5/6 Students did a good job on their quiz, and also did an activity with unscrambling words describing cooking activities. La tâche finale will begin next week.  The rest of the period was spent taking turns reading a text: O SOLE MIO
Homework: find words that look like English in the text (part A).

Grade 3/4 Today was the best class ever! Students recalled what they saw at the educational centre. We talked about: Les marais, filtre, grenouille, hérons bleus, quenouilles and so much more. Then, they illustrated and labelled their favorite sightings from the field trip.

JK/SK Taylor was the leader and did a good job with the calendar in French. Everyone is enjoying counting and singing. L'automne est arrivé! They are learning a new 'contine' about being a tree inn the wind and leaves falling. So, if you hear them saying 'je suis un arbre, il fait du vent, les feuilles sont tombées', don't be surprised. They ended with a colouring activity about apple picking which will be completed next week.