Tuesday, 15 May 2018


Grade 1/2 The rehearsal for the song 'On écrit sur les Murs' is going well. Students broke up in small groups to practice, and they had a discussion about the international significance of the song. The class agreed to gather information about flags from their families' background.

Grade 8 French- A special mention to the group that completed their board game. You will be playing on Thursday. Also, both groups put together sentences with 'passé composé' with être for review.

Grade 9 French- received their Performance Task Rubric. This is a big year-end project (20%).
For Thursday, have your topic and a general idea to share with your teacher.
Then, Wednesday, next week, please have your rough copy of your script (use the checklist on the rubric) for the first round of edits.

Grade 5/6 The class is completing the verb unit, that was started before Exhibition. Today, was irregular RE ending verb.
Complete section G, H.

Grade 3/4 Students turned into poets! They read a short selection of poems about stormy weather. Then, they copied their selected verses, and illustrated their work.
They also had a rehearsal of their play.

JK/SK C'est vivant! It is alive. They were very happy to show me their 'NORVAL'. They also worked on pronouncing the lyrics of a French song about all kinds of eggs. They also took home a colourful bouquet of 'Jonquiilles'.