Wednesday, 9 May 2018


Grade 1/2 Today was a mix of singing the song for the concert, and completing the colouring of 'Le Cycle de la Grenouille' (a small pamphlet).

Grade 8 French- Almost all questions are done, and students should try and finish their board game for next week.

Grade 9 French- All letters were read. A few notes about what a formal letter should have (according to the students- self reflection).
1. Logo and address of the sender
2. Name, title and address of the receiver
3. 3 paragraphs with the introduction that includes the hook (purpose of the letter)
4. Spelling, grammar checked.
5. the use of formal VOUS, instead of 'TU'.

Grade 5/6 Students did their self evaluation, and performed their skits or read their letter one last time for a formal evaluation and practice. GOOD LUCK FOR EXHIBITION TOMORROW!

Grade 3/4 The play is going really well, and students have taken over of the whole direction of the play. Even helping their peers with how to interpret their lines.

SK/JK There was a lot of moving around with imitating the actions of a frog, all the way to what to do when crossing the road (la lumière est rouge, jaune ou verte).