Thursday, 5 April 2018


Grade 1/2 Students were busy with making, drawing and labelling posters about water in its various forms. Bravo!

Grade 7/8 Students continued a variety of activities about passé composé and the appropriate choice of verbs.
HOMEWORK- continue working and reviewing what has been done with these verbs. Next class, you will have to complete an activity with vocabulary and pictures. You will be asked to make an original story.

Grade 5/6 The class has begun a new category of verbs 'IR' regular verbs.
HOMEWORK; finish the sections started this morning, and do the last section with 6 sentences beginning with JE, TU, IL, NOUS, VOUS, ELLES, and complete the sentences with an appropriate ending.  Please use a different verb for each.

Grade 3/4 Today, the class applied the concept of using 'tout, tous, toute, toutes'.
They also worked on their dictionary skills when researching for the gender of a word. There was also a short oral segment to learn how to use 'mon, ma, mes, ton, ta, tes'.

JK/SK  Today was about expanding Spring and Water related terminology. Le petit poisson nage et fait des bulles, and un arbre et une branche, avec un nid, un oeuf et un oiseau avec une coquille sur la tête.