Thursday, 19 April 2018


Grade 1/2 La Journée de la Terre! Students brainstormed ideas about all forms of   pollution, including plastic. It was decided by the class that tomorrow they would try to bring litter-less lunch and snacks, and a placemat. Good luck!

Grade 7 & 8 did an activity for Earth Day. They worked in groups and wrote sentences about what Earth Day means to them. These phrases were then edited on the board.

Grade 5/6 Super work from the whole class. They almost completed the -Re verb package. Homework: finish to exercise D.

Grade 3/4 Students read aloud a short story about a young girl calling the fire station. They also answered comprehension questions.

JK/SK To honour Earth Day (tomorrow at the school), they looked at a book about all things plant. They went the classroom and looked for anything that would be made of plant material. J'ai trouvé...