Thursday, 8 March 2018


Grade 1/2 students had fun working with the valises. VALISES!!! yes, they look like luggage, and have cards with letters to place and form words. There is one with math questions too!

Grade 7/8 French Presentations were done today. There were lovely art pieces, and students produced a description following a model. They reflected on their pronunciation, and on how to improve. There is an app (free) they can put their French text to speech, and practice.
Grade 9 French students worked on their 3 journal draft entries. Presentations are due March 26 when we return. See the previous post if you need clarifications. You also have the rubric.

Grade 5/6 After working so hard on their last summative, students deserved to have a little work with technology. Meaning: they entered their texts in a text to speech app, and played back (practiced) their work.
Also, it was discussed and agreed that they would log 2 sessions of 20 minutes each of listening/viewing French material. TV5.ORG is a good place to start. They have short videos...look  for 'Jeunesse' and word games too.

Grade 3/4 students were celebrating St Patrick with lots of green. They talked about modes of transportation and where to go on vacation. They ended up drawing and colouring 'un pont, une rivière, un arc en ciel, un lutin et un pot d'or'.

JK/SK To round up the week with stories and fables, today was about 'Le lièvre et la tortue.' It was a story where students had to do certain actions when they heard key words. Noisy and fun! This was followed by a related coloring activity.