Wednesday, 28 March 2018


Grade 1/2 Today, students had a bird hunt. No birds were hurt, and everyone left with their own bird. They had to find them by following specific instructions.

Grade 9 French Presentations of a travel journal were done, and each had special elements that reflected personal interests.
Grade 8 French were today's audience.

Grade 5/6 The present unit is all about verbs. Today, students refreshed their memory with 'er' ending verbs, while working on their package.
HOMEWORK; complete the package you started during class. Study, you will have a quiz next week.
This work will be helpful when tackling your French component for Exhibition.

Grade 3/4 Students worked on basic vocabulary, and completed a word search.
HOMEWORK; if you have not yet finished the word search, please do so as your homework.

JK/SK Students had an interactive story about an Easter bunny. This was followed by a colouring session.