Wednesday, 31 January 2018


Grade 1/2 The class took on a word search with vocabulary about Winter clothes (this is a short review). Also, they have a little homework to complete for Friday. The grade 2s should be able to finish it, and the grade 1s may try a couple of pictures. If the grade ones find it too difficult, no worries, we will complete it Friday.

Grade 7 & 8 received their exams back to review. While the Grade 8 French group worked on sections of the test and made corrections, the Grade 9 French started to watch a video about G.M.O. food.

HOMEWORK: please watch the video again at home (Google C'est pas Sorcier, Les O.G.M), and write a 5 sentence reflection to hand in on Friday.

Grade 5/6 Today's lesson was focused on a dialogue on interactions in a restaurant. Please listen to the audio at home. Here is the link: Use the handout from today's class.

Grade 3/4 Students brainstormed sentences to use in their booklet for La Tâche Finale for this unit.
They will complete 6 sentences (they have copied models from the board) as a rough copy, and Friday will be for completing the booklet.

JK/SK It is Carnival Time in the classroom! Students coloured 2 activity sheets with pictures from the video they watched on Monday.