Thursday, 25 January 2018


Grade 1/2 The class was like a beehive of activity. Students picked up their work from Tuesday, and completed their short description of an animal. A few students chose to do two! Great work all around.

Grade 8 French, and a few Grade 9 French- students put the last touch on their exam booklet.
STUDY AND REVIEW FOR MONDAY 29, and make sure to bring your review/exam booklet back.

Grade 5/6 The new unit on restaurant has begun. This unit is also the platform to learn new verbs.
HOMEWORK: memorize the 4 verbs learned today.

Grade 3/4 Students are working on verbs to better describe activities of social animals.

JK/SK students listened to a modified story of 'Le Petit Chaperon Rouge' where they had to interact with the narrator. They also talked about going to see a play.
The end of the lesson was about 'sucré ou salé' where they had to indicate what different foods are.