Thursday, 13 April 2017


Grade 1/2 The play is starting to sound and feel great. More on it next week, only 2 weeks til the big day.

Grade 7 Students read the story of Louis Braille, and have started on the comprehension component. Please have this completed for Wednesday, April 19.
Grade 8- Additional work was done on the complément d'objet direct et indirect.
Please continue studying verbs (go at your own pace, but please do it). Next Wednesday, there will be a  short test to check your skills. 

Grade 3/4 Today was the last time the class spent on reading the Café Crocodile play. Everyone improved by leaps and bounds. C'est super!

Grade 5/6 Exhibition, Exhibition! One group had their newscast ready for translation, and it was done during class. Please have your letter, script or newscast text ready for Wednesday, April 19, in order to have enough time to translate, edit and practice.

JK/SK It is all about fun at Easter! The puppets 'lapin et moutou' came in with funny stories and mystery calendar. Bravo Leon, for being the first one to know the date for Le dimanche de Pâques.