Tuesday, 12 June 2018


Grade 1/2 Students learned to match parts of a sentence by listening to a reading of each. Then, they had to search, assemble the parts, and write them in their cahier.

Grade 8 French- Congratulations to Jada for sharing her Kahoot game with the class. Well done!

Grade 9 French- last review before exam (on Thursday). Make sure you review your package, if you were finished, it was marked for accuracy, so you studied the right thing. Please read and review the text and your long answers.

Grade 5/6 While reviewing 'Futur Proche', and applied it to a letter. They wrote about what their life as a summer camper is all about.

Grade 3/4 Students read about endangered animals from around the world. They will choose an animal, do a little bit of research, and communicate with the rest of the class about ways to save these animals.

JK/SK The overall theme is about farm animals and their UOI 'Is it alive). Singing and games are on the menu.