Tuesday, 28 March 2017


 Grade 1/2 Today, students began with their normal routine of calendar and weather, and we had just had enough time to introduce the play they will be working on for April. (Boucles D'or). They also went to the gym for a special 'critters' presentation.

Grade 7/8 Le Petit Prince! A well known novel that the students started reading over the holidays. This week, everyone should complete reading and assembling their key sentences on the 'questions/answers/summary' sheets:due Thursday.

Grade 5/6 Students finished reading: Le Voleur. Everyone took turn to read aloud (good pronunciation and even intonation!), and they did a few comprehension activities orally. HOMEWORK, complete the one side, NOT THE LABYPHRASE.

Grade 3/4 Today, students started on a play: Café Crocodile. After reading the first time over, students took on the various roles. Thursday, students will start reading their lines. They are excited about this play!

JK/SK It is Spring right here in the classrom. After acquiring a bit of vocabulary, students worked on colouring papillon, soleil, arbre, fleurs, tulipe etc.