Wednesday, 7 December 2016


Grade 1/2 Great work all around! We had our first practice in the gym with the other classes, and the grade 1/2 were outstanding. We still need large socks as props and were are done! The Advent calendar is progressing well too.

Grade 7 Students took their quiz (test) on pouvoir, vouloir and pouvoir. The students who had done their practice sentences (homework from Monday) were quite successful. The rest of the period was a discussion about what Language Acquisition means and what can be learned from other cultures when we know another language.

Grade 8 It was test #1 with passé composé. There will be an opportunity to do a re-take. Study your passé composé verbs, remember to also add your auxiliary verbs (avoir or être) conjugated and pay attention to the participe passé forms of irregular ones.

Grade 5/6 Today was read and comprehension text, and students are starting to be very good with the vocabulary and answering questions. Bravo! We also worked with the 2 star verbs jouer and faire conjugated, as well as the use of du, de la, des, au, à la...

Grade 3/4 ¨Practice in the gym' and everyone is doing well! They are up-dating the Advent calendar as well. After the practice, I gave the students a listening activity and they had to draw what they heard during the story telling. Very good!

JK/SK Because the LUTIN de Noël is everywhere, students coloured their own. They are also practicing their song and are going to be Stars!!! We finished with a holiday story with Christmas vocabulary. They know so much already!